Auralex Now Shipping Sustain v2 Bamboo Sound Diffusors

Also offers new Sustain Metro Bamboo Diffusor
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INDIANAPOLIS�Auralex Acoustics, Inc., is now shipping the v2 models of its Sustain Bamboo Sound Diffusor series. In addition to updated versions of the Sustain Prism, Sustain Lens, Sustain QuadraTec and Sustain Pyramid, Auralex is also offering the new Sustain Metro Bamboo Diffusor.

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Featuring shaper angles and updated construction, the bamboo sound diffusors measure 23x23-inches and can be mounted on a wall, ceiling or drop grid mounting options. The diffusors also can feature optional absorption and advanced diffusion by being back-filled with Mineral Fiber or Studiofoam. The new Sustain Metro design, meanwhile, eliminates flutter echoes and evenly disperses acoustical energy.


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Auralex® Is Now Shipping Its Sustain™ v2 Bamboo Sound Diffusors

Indianapolis, IN, August 31, 2015 – Auralex® Acoustics, Inc., the world’s leading brand of acoustical treatments, is now shipping enhanced “v2” models of the acclaimed and popular Sustain™ Bamboo Sound Diffusors. The new and improved design is based on customer input and extensive testing.