Autotelics Call In Studio

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Autotelics Call In Studio

Jun 17, 2011 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

Telephone interface

This cloud-based call-in platform eliminates the need for high-tech equipment to host callers into a radio station or live podcasting environment. The host (or show producer) will call into the Call In Studio system over a regular phone line. Listeners call in via a unique call-in number for each show. Using the company's Web interface, the host and/or screener of the show can see a list of all calls on hold, reject them, screen them, and/or place calls "live" on the show with the click of a mouse.When calling a show, the line automatically picks up and places the call on hold. The listener will hear the audio from the show until he or she talks to the call screener (if there is one) and/or talks to the host. The system handles 1 to 35 simultaneous callers; the host controls how many callers to have on "hold" at any given time; once lines are full, additional callers will hear a busy signal; shows may have a PIN-protected guest line for special guests; one or more people can screen calls; make an outbound call to a guest directly from the console and connect them to a show; when a show is offline, listeners can leave a voicemail; and all telephone prompts are customizable.

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