Axia Audio IC.20D, IC.1D

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Axia Audio IC.20D, IC.1D

Mar 1, 2011 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

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Desktop intercom stations

The IC.20D desktop station has 20 station presets with high-visibility 10-character OLED displays for quick contact with frequently called stations. Like its rackmount cousin, it includes a keypad and display screen to provide fast access to any station system-wide, plus group talk, mic and speaker mute, and auto-answer functions. IC.20D also has a built-in speaker, front-panel mic connection and a 4-pin locking headset jack. The keypad can also be used to dial outside phone lines (using an optional telephone hybrid). Presets can be assigned on the fly, or programmed with the built-in Web interface. The IC.1D desktop station adds intercom capabilities to any desktop. There are 20 LED-backlit film-cap buttons that can easily be labeled with station names, and an OLED callback window that assists the operator in identifying and answering calls from intercom stations not programmed onto a speed key. IC.1D also has a built-in speaker and front-panel 4-pin locking headset jack and front-panel mic input. Presets are easily programmed via built-in Web interface.

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