Axia Ships Pathfinder PC Version 4.0

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Axia Ships Pathfinder PC Version 4.0

Jun 21, 2007 1:00 PM

Cleveland - Jun 21, 2007 - Axia Audio is now shipping Pathfinder PC Version 4.0, an upgrade of Axia's routing control software for IP audio networks. Pathfinder PC is used to construct custom audio routing applications that can be used to switch routes automatically at specified times, in response to pre-programmed events or by manual command.

New features included in PathfinderPC Version 4.0 include:

  • An enhanced, graphical stacking events editor that eliminates script writing.
  • Full control of Axia Element VMIX (Virtual Mixer) functionality.
  • Prophet Systems delivery system integration with ACU Translator.
  • New, informative routing pop-up displays that include complete host and Axia channel number information.
  • Expanded support for constructing Pathfinder PC clusters for automatic backup.
  • Detailed, fully customizable system event logging.

Pathfinder PC can also combine audio and machine logic into a single virtual router to route bi-directional audio and GPIO together. Audio metering, combined with silence sense, can be set to create watchdogs for audio sources, automatically switching to a backup source and sending an alert e-mail if audio is not present.

Pathfinder PC v4.0 is available for purchase. A free update for existing users is available from