Barix Highlights Instreamer ICE for Internet Radio

Preps for InfoComm show in Vegas
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Ahead of the InfoComm show in Las Vegas next month, Barix is highlighting an expanded suite of low-cost, multi-site audio contribution and streaming solutions.

While some of the announcement is focused on retailers, the discussion also pertains to temporary live internet radio services for houses of worship, corporate and other specialty “broadcast” applications.

Barix will demonstrate Instreamer ICE and Retail Player. It said it is pursuing a “unified strategy across its music streaming solutions” to provide users with new options to serve larger audiences.

Barix Instreamer ICE

“InfoComm marks the global debut of Instreamer ICE, which combines the bandwidth efficiency of AAC+ encoding with streamlined integration, thanks to a built-in Icecast server that supports up to 50 simultaneous listeners,” the company said. It’s suitable for specialized online broadcasters. “The enhanced compression of AAC+ encoding allows end users to deliver the same audio quality as mp3 at half the bandwidth, or double the audio quality using the same bandwidth.”

It said Instreamer ICE is believed to be the first product of this nature to combine an Icecast server with the encoding platform.

“This removes the need to download and configure an Icecast server on a separate machine, a time-consuming and often complex process, that enables listeners to receive live streams on their connected devices.” The integrated solution enables setup times of less than five minutes, Barix said.

A partner product, Barix’s Retail Player, combines hardware receivers with a web-based management portal for large-scale retail, hospitality and corporate music applications. Instreamer ICE customers can scale beyond 50 streams with Retail Player, it said. “The combined solution is ideal for private internet radio networks, as well as for businesses that previously turned to less reliable, consumer-grade players due to budget restrictions.”

Listeners can consume live streams on mobiles, laptops and connected devices while Retail Player provides a robust, network-configurable device with automatic playout for business applications.