BE Radio 2001 Product Source, part 2

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BE Radio 2001 Product Source, part 2

Aug 1, 2001 12:00 PM, BE Radio

Welcome to the seventh annual BE Radio Product Source, the issue that covers the spectrum of products you rely on to get the job done.

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The Product Source has proved to be a valuable resource over the years. Our 1999 issue won a regional and a national award from the American Society of Business Publication Editors. This year's issue includes 48 pages of innovative product offerings that provide the foundation for the success of the radio industry.

The Product Source complements our pre- and post-NAB coverage. Although many of the products on these pages were unveiled at NAB, almost as many are more recent product offerings. This issue will serve as an essential reference tool as you make your product-purchasing decisions throughout the year.

We welcome your feedback on this annual issue. Send your comments to 9800 Metcalf Ave., OP KS 66212-2216 or e-mail us at
Cindy Holst, associate editor

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Resistance tester

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1520 MegOhmMeter:

For testing insulation resistances up to 4000MO and AC/DC voltages up to 600V. The Fluke 1520 offers a backlit LCD, which displays an analog bargraph and digital readings simultaneously. It autoranges to the proper test voltage: 250, 500, or 1000V. It also automatically switches to voltage test when it detects either AC or DC voltage greater than 30V. Switch to the Lo-Ohms function for testing connections. It even has a last reading memory display function. The 1520 safely autodischarges the test capacitors when done. The 1520 comes with TL27 heavy duty test leads, TP74 lantern tip test probes, AC86 large jaw alligator clips, protective holster with hand strap, carrying case with accessory storage, four C-cell batteries, and an instruction manual.
fax 425-446-5116

Automation system
Broadcast Electronics


Designed specifically for small- and medium-sized radio operations, VaultXpress provides the same digital audio and studio system software found in the AudioVault, but it is scaled to meet the unique demands of small- and medium-sized radio operations. Provides a complete turn-key system that gives small radio operations the core software applications and hardware to effectively serve their markets. The software applications provide on-air management tools, program creation and editing applications, station-automation features, dynamic Internet applications and program creation workgroup programs. Users can completely customize their unit to meet their unique environment with a complete suite of pick-and-choose applications. Comes in five out-of-the-box packages.
fax 217-224-9607

ASDL Tester

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This compact, flexible unit can provide analog line testing, ADSL layer testing with �Golden Modem� operation and ATM layer or IP application layer testing, all using one touch, fully automatic testing or manual expert mode for more in-depth diagnosis. Fully automated Go/No go testing is provided from up to 20 selectable user-defined test profiles which may be edited on screen or via PC. Aurora Presto with the ATU-R can function as a �Golden Modem�. In this mode the Presto replaces the remote modem, connecting to the user equipment through either its built-in 10BaseT Ethernet port or the optional ATMF 25.6 interface card. With the modem card installed, the Presto can measure upstream/downstream rates and DMT BIN capacity, perform line BERT and other tests, providing results in exportable text or graphical form.
fax 650-553-3905

Digital on-air broadcast console

Pacific Legacy:

Legacy offers a fully modular, low profile ergonomic design. Features include: mainframe sizes 14, 22 and 30 input modules; A and B inputs that accommodate analog and digital sources; hot swappability of all modules; digital and analog outputs for four program buses, stereo send and telco record mix; off-line and mix-minus outputs for up to four telco/codec input modules; stereo cue with automatic metering; Easily accessible I/O connections and set-up switches; and a full suite of opto-isolated control logic.
fax 513-459-3890

On-demand Web audio

Live at the BBC in Concert:

The legendary Live at the BBC in Concert series is available for streaming through musicmusicmusic in North America. Internet listeners can choose what concert they want to hear when they want to hear it. The series features exclusive live recordings of some of the greatest bands in music history. Stations can stream the one-hour segments online through their own websites and sell advertising within the program. A station-branded player is also available. Agreements are market exclusive.
fax 416-537-2510

Studio furniture
Spacewise Broadcast Furniture

BlendedTone Airshow 2000:

A premium wood-built and laminate system, it comes in three suggested configurations: guest show, with guests on one side of the operator; the morning show, with morning talent opposite the operator, and the general studio configuration, a full-sized studio. Features all finely finished solid woods for bullnosing, trim and kicks. Tops are 1.5" thick throughout and finished with 1,005 premium laminates. Sidewalls are birch-finished plywood, with 100% choice laminates on the exterior. Units come in large-scale modular components. Options include upgraded woods (like cherry or walnut), wood finished sidewalls and customization.
800-775-3660; fax 480-704-6149;;

Digital FM processor

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A largely software-based digital on-air processor/generator, Omega_FM offers a short and direct program signal path that keeps latency (audio delay) at a minimum. The user interface includes a no-menu front panel setup that suits a variety of applications, or allows any PC to be connected for control over all processing parameters.
fax 831-458-0554

FM channel study software

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RfDetective-FM is an engineering tool to help locate frequencies for new FM broadcast stations and change class or power. It also displays antenna height, location and channel of existing broadcasting stations. An intuitive user interface makes it useful to experienced engineers, while its easy-to-use menus make it friendly for station and group owners. Four editions of rfDetective-FM are available. The Pro and Standard editions can create and modify jobs. The Pro edition can also create its own database directly from raw FCC data that can be downloaded from the FCC website daily. The Light edition can read and modify jobs created with the Pro or Standard editions, but cannot create a new job. The Reader edition can display any jobs created or modified by the Light, Standard or Pro editions. Requires Windows 95B/Windows NT4 or later, a Pentium 166 or faster, 32MB RAM or more (128MB for Pro), 250MB or more (1.2GB for Pro) hard drive space, and a 640�480 monitor with 256 colors.
fax 352-367-1752

Handheld test instrument
NTI (Neutrik Test Instuments)

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Provides a comprehensive set of analysis functions for digital audio- and video-related audio signals. All commonly standardized sampling frequencies up to 96kHz are handled in consumer and professional formats. The Digilyzer DL1 is a handheld, battery-powered device in the size of the analog analyzer Minilyzer ML1. Features include AES3, S/PDIF, TOS-link; ADAT interface; sampling frequency 32 to 96kHz; digital audio analysis; carrier status analysis; carrier signal measurement; monitor speaker and event logger.
+42 323 96060
fax +42 323 96089

Voice formant and pitch processor
Helicon Vocal Technologies

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A vocal processor for stage and studio, the VoicePrism has a full range of lead and backing channel vocal processing under preset control. The VoicePrism provides the ability to go directly from a phantom powered mic into its 48V mic preamp to access any of the onboard processes including compression, gating, dual fully parametric EQ, four-voice harmony (with individually adjustable gender controls and humanizing parameters), fifth lead-doubling voice for automatic double-tracking, two separate post-effects blocks (incl. chorus/flanger, delay and reverb with predelay), effects and harmony libraries, preset browser with context sensitive help menus, and audition sampled human voices for preset previewing. Outputs include �" analog and S/PDIF digital I/O.
805-373-1828; fax;;

Analog/Digital audio generator
Dorrough Electronics


An audio signal generator that can be used in a variety of test situations where a stable and accurate test and tone source is needed, TG-10A features digital and analog audio outputs along with a full set of connectors. Pass-through connectors for digital and analog inputs are supplied for normal program sources when the TG-10A is in the bypass mode. Functions include: mute, digital quiet, continuous tone, burst tone, step tone, parabola, burden, overs test, sample rate conversion and digital audio to analog conversion. Generator can be locked to an external AES bitstream. Digital sample rates are 32, 44.1, 48, 64, 88.2 and 96k samples per second. Frequency range is 10Hz to 0.45 of sample rate with 1Hz resolution.
818-998-2824; fax 818-998-1507;;

Active nearfield monitor
Klein + Hummel

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O 300D:

Within the framework of a planned reorganization of model descriptions for studio monitors, this model offers the same acoustical features as the O 198. The bass frequency response has been extended to 40 Hz. All other measurements and the outward appearance of the O 300 D remain the same. Features include a digital input with a 24-bit/96kHz D/A-converter, allowing the direct connection to a digital source in AES/EBU or S/PDIF-format. The output power of the amplifier for the tweeter, mid and woofer have been extended, technical values have been improved. The room equalization can now be aligned with all set up variants and the room acoustic. Limiter protection has been optimized for all three parts. The balanced floating input reaches better distortion values, and the groundlift switch is on the rear panel.
+49 711 45 89 30
fax +49 711 45 89 335

Digital consoles


Both analog and digital, the Revolution is a radio console that is at home in either type of studio. The Revolution console is a modular, two piece design made up of a rack mounted digital audio engine and a control system. The control system can be a traditional-looking console or a PC computer, or both at the same time. The control console is also modular, making it quick and easy to replace worn faders or to expand the system. The digital engine features two serial control ports, enabling the console to be monitored and controlled from two places simultaneously. Turret control software for a Windows PC is suitable for the talk studio. For telephone talk radio and contest caller applications, the console supports two simultaneous callers via two mono mix-minus buses.
970-224-2248; fax 970-493-1076

Portable studio
TieLine America

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Combines all the features of a remote broadcast portable mixer with built-in ISDN and POTS codec capable of 15kHz audio. The remote broadcast mixer accepts up to five mic/line inputs and provides a mix-minus bus. Intercom buttons on each input allow off-air communications between headsets. Also features channel on/off buttons, and cue and relay control buttons. All hardware features are software controlled and can be upgraded. The codec has G3 GSM Cellular and IP data network interfaces. Proprietary, full-bandwidth ISDN and POTS speech and music algorithms deliver 15kHz audio with less than 100ms delay. The unit can also interface with generic codecs using G.711 and G.722 algorithms. Fully interfaces with the TieLine Toolbox software package, which allows PC remote control for chat, upgrades and system monitoring.
fax 317-259-8040

Broadcast system
Prophet Systems

NexGen Digital NS:

This entry-level NexGen automation broadcast system is designed for smaller stations or radio groups. Stations not requiring all the features of a fully-loaded NexGen Digital Broadcast system can purchase the NS system and still take advantage of PSi's technology. Runs on a Pentium III computer or better, Windows98 or WindowsNT or higher, with at least 128 MB RAM, a 9GB hard drive, 800�600 monitor and a 10/100BaseT network interface card.
800-658-4403; fax 308-284-4181;

RF field-strength meter and modulation analyzer


A mobile RF field-strength meter and modulation analyzer, the FM_C3 automatically measures up to two stations or programs simultaneously. The unit displays readings in text, chart and curve representation of stations monitored. Features include: GPS receiver and RDS/RDBS decoder; calibrated antenna; modulation analysis; high performance FM receiver and text and curve display.
866-AUDEMAT; fax 703-433-5452;;

Storage area network
Dot Hill Systems

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The initial member of the full fibre SANnet 7000 series, SANnet 7100 delivers seamless migration from the SANnet 3000 series (SCSI/SCSI) and the SANnet 4000 series (SCSI/fibre). This allows customers to maximize their investment by integrating the new system into their existing SANnet-based storage area networks. The system delivers unparalleled capacity and scalability with a SAN-ready redundant Fibre Channel network that directly supports up to 16 servers and can scale to over 58 terabytes (TB). The SANnet 7100 also features Fibre Channel server-attached RAID controllers that can support up to 160 disks each, depending on configuration. Usable disk space is 5.8TB space per controller pair with 10,000-RPM 73GB drives.
fax 760-931-5527

Numix enhancements

Blank wedge, Button24 wedge and Euro-version control surface:

Enhancements to the Numix Console control surface include the Blank wedge, a wedge with blank top panel and empty pan for mounting custom devices or control hardware. The Blank wedge adds extra space where needed in a studio, allowing for custom button installations or other desired functions. Also included is the Button24 wedge. Usefulness of this product is enhanced through Logitek's Supervisor software. The buttons can be programmed to accomplish a variety of tasks and functions both inside the Logitek system and with external equipment. Finally, there are the Euro-Version Numix control surfaces, which incorporate GPI buttons on Selector wedges to provide functionality commonly requested by European customers.
877-231-5870; fax 713-664-4479;

Mic kit
Audix USA

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The new series features three models: F10 dynamic, optimized for snare, toms, and bongos; F12 dynamic, optimized for kick drum and congas; and F15 condenser, for overheads, high hat, and toys. The F-10 and F-12 dynamic microphones each come with an integral clip in order to simplify set-up. The mics are available in two package configurations: Fusion Series 4 contains three F10 and one F12; Fusion Series 6 contains three F10, one F12, and two F15.
800-966-8261; fax 503-682-7114

PC-card audio processor


Tailors audio signals to aid in digital audio broadcasting (DAB), Internet Web/netcasting, and recording applications. Optimod-PC is a PCI Sound Card with on-board digital signal processing that is suitable for both live streaming and on-demand programming. The DSP provides a loud, consistent sound to the consumer by performing automatic gain control, equalization, multiband gain control, and peak-level control. Optimod-PC offers such features as two digital inputs with mixing of asynchronous sources, and sound card emulation that allows Optimod-PC to talk through the operating system to applications running on the host. Optimod-PC uses look-ahead limiting with low overshoot, effectively preventing clipping in the sound card or encoder overload. Optimod-PC ships with more than 20 factory presets.
510-351-3500; fax 510-351-0500

Time insertion processor
Prime Image

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Cash allows stations to create an additional 60 seconds for every 10 minutes of programming. The system does so undetectably, without altering pitch or creating digital artifacts. It works live, in real time, on the air. The amount of time Cash creates varies from zero minutes to four minutes and can be added to any period of time within the range of two minutes and two hours. The station can select and change the amount and the rate at any time.
408-867-6519; fax 408-926-7294;

Audio failure control unit

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The Guardian Broadcast Audio Fail Control Unit is designed to provide sophisticated management of audio signals, such as telco lines, STLs and multiplex signals. Incoming signals are monitored, and if a fault is detected on one channel, it will derive a mono feed from the remaining channel. If both channels are lost, it will switch to an external source, such as a CD, to keep the transmission running. Audio signals are passed through the Guardian on relay contacts, giving a fail-safe system with no active components in circuit. Uses 300Hz to 3kHz bandpass filters followed by separate dynamic range and static level detectors to discern between fault conditions such as 50Hz or 60Hz hum on a line and valid program feeds. This technique almost eliminates false triggering. A pilot detector (which can be disabled) is included in the multiplex detector, switching to the backup immediately if it is lost.
+44 14244 45588
fax +44 12424 43388

Studio microphone arm

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This microphone arm is built from custom extruded solid aluminum stock, eliminating the echoes found in hollow frames. The extruded channel is sized for microphone cables to be dropped into the outside edge of the boom, allowing immediate threading of any cable with connectors. A set of clips ensures that even undersized cables are secured in the channel. Perhaps the most striking visual change to the standard microphone boom is LPB's use of flocked springs. The soft felt-like coating is black, hiding the springs from view, and deadening any twang that might occur from impact or operation. A Delrin bushing isolates the metal base from its riser, ensuring squeak elimination, and a lower occurance of metal fatigue.
fax 610-644-8651;

Audio console

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This series combines elegant design elements with solid construction. The modular design uses gold contact connectors that plug straight into motherboard sockets, and features 12 input channels, a monitor module with control room, studio, headphone and talkback functions, an output module that provides program, audition, pre- and post-mono fader outputs, and independent meter selection. Additional line selector and tape remote modules are also offered. The 2600's design also features a flip-up meterbridge to access I/O connectors, logic programming dipswitches and calibration trimpots. Stereo program and audition buses, plus two additional mono outputs, optimize flexibility for caller feeds and broadcast recording.
fax 252-637-1285

Power amps
Alesis/GT Electronics

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The amps incorporate a convection cooling system. The RA150, RA300 and RA500 also feature DC coupled, fully complementary discrete amp topology, dual differential input stages, wide bandwidth, detented front panel level controls, overload/protect indicators, bridged mono operations, balanced �" and RCA connectors, heavy duty, dual binding post output connectors, and a relay-controlled turn on/off system, in a heavy-duty steel chassis. Additionally, the RA300 and RA500 offer XLR input connectors and bar-graph metering.
fax 310-255-3401

Field production mixer
Sound Devices

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A field production mixer that sets a new standard for functionality, size, and performance in portable audio mixers, the 442 has four inputs, each includes: transformer-balanced mic/line level selection, phantom or T powering, variable input trim, continuously variable high-pass filter, pan, input peak limiter, solo monitoring, and direct output. Outputs are transformer-balanced on XLR, Hirose, and other connectors. Metering is via sunlight viewable LEDs. The unit is powered by four AA batteries or a DC power supply. The 442 is compact, and its durable metal chassis is designed to withstand the extremes of field production. Its design was driven by the requirements of professionals in film, TV news, documentary, radio, effects recording, and music production.
fax 608-524-0655

Automation system
Smarts Broadcast Systems

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Using the Windows interface, this free software package incorporates multiple MP3 audio streams, creates dynamic play lists and can handle commercial breaks. Silent Sense technology detects when audio is missing and will automatically start the next item in 10 seconds. Ideal for smaller installations or overnight operations.
fax 712-852-5030

ERI-Electronics Research


The simplicity and flexibility of iBOX brings the benefits of simultaneous digital and analog transmission with an affordable price. Advanced coupling and transforming methods deliver the performance necessary to meet and exceed the IBOC transmission requirements. IBOX features include: integrated smart power monitoring with advanced diagnostic ability broadband frequency operation relative to isolation, loss and match; various models provide coupling levels of 7 to 10dB; RF switching; easy setup � all components in one, self-contained unit; modular construction and a power capacity of 55kW.
812-925-6000; fax 812-925-4030

On-air console

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Features RJ-45 Ethernet and CAT-5 connectivity, two independent headphone amps, heavy-duty military specification switches, a mono telephone bus and 10 stereo inputs. Also has a stereo cue bus, five stereo channels, a stereo program bus, and input-follow-remote starts. Offers transformer balancing for RF immunity. Ideal for LPFM, webcasters and remotes.
fax 610-644-8651


Music Pro80 and Music Color 80:

Taken together, the new introductions combine two popular recordable CD features: 80-minute length for longer CD recording and color discs to facilitate organizing music by genre. The performance characteristics of Maxell's CD-R Music Pro80 come from advanced stabilization, a hard-coat anti-static surface and triple coating for scratch and heat resistance. In addition, it is produced on a master-quality stamper.
800-533-2836; fax 201-796-8790


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TLM 103Monolith:

The 500-piece limited edition TLM 103 Monolith series features a black glossy lacquer finish. It features low self-noise coupled with high sound pressure level transmission. The large diaphragm Monolith shares the standard TLM 103's audio characteristics and boasts the same transformerless circuit found in numerous Neumann microphones.
fax 860-434-3148

LED display audio interface
Prime LED


A PC board to drive LED meters from analog or AES3 audio signals to generate a range of audio parameters for display. The unit can be configured to show VU, PPM, loudness, peak hold, correlation/phase, or any combination of these displays. The board creates a serial data stream that is sent to DDV display driver boards. Various ballistic and scale characteristics are possible, including multiple simultaneous display modes, such as a PPM dot over a VU bar. Requires 5VDC power. 27kV input impedance with Phoenix or XLR connectors. Maximum input level is +19dBu. Sample rate detects 32 to 48kHz automatically.
877-774-6533; fax 817-244-3732

EAS receiver
Dayton Industrial Corp


The company's line of receivers is designed for professional or EAS monitoring. The receivers are available as stand-alone, or three can be housed in a 1�-inch rackmount, the AFC3. The AFC3 contains a front-panel audio selector switch, mounted small speaker and headset outputs controlled by a volume control. Also mounted on the front panel are LED indicators that indicate carrier and modulation activity for each receiver. An alert indicator and test/reset switch is mounted on the front panel for those receivers that use alert tone detectors, such as the weather and public-service monitors. The rear panel contains outputs for the receivers. Uses a 12V power source.
fax 941-351-6081

Site analysis software

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Features include TIA-TSB88 frequency coordination compliance, area reliability analysis and mapping for any propagation model, transmitter matrix library import/export feature, individual station matrix editing and recalculation, increased accuracy, 32-bit operation for Windows, and a 256-color palette for contour and coverage mapping. Offers fully integrated transmitter databases, automatic interference calculations, area reliability studies, fast and accurate calculations, and real-time 3D displays. All FCC, TIA and ITU procedures are included. APCO coordination is standard.
888-RADIO95; fax 386-423-0821;

Decorative rack filler
Funk Logic

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The newest addition to the line of decorative rack-filler panels features all the labels and controls written in palindromes. A toggle switch controls a red indicator light (powered by two AA batteries ). It features a heavy-duty ?-inch thick aluminum faceplate, fine texture power coat finish, realistic-feel knobs. Fills 3RU.
fax 760-434-3854

Transmitter remote control
Electronic Associates


DataWorks operates using a dedicated data interface to a control site or as a stand-alone unit and includes standard voice, data and pager access and operating modes. It includes a multi-purpose interface that will operate as a dial-in channel using the DataWorks remote access program or a touch-tone interface with speech responses (optional). The interface mode is sensed automatically. In addition, the multi-purpose interface may be directed to automatically call out to selected phone numbers with announcements describing the condition or problem that caused the call. Up to eight different phone numbers are stored. The DataWorks user may program up to 16 custom voice messages using the voice dictionary.
915-595-3103; fax 915-590-6637;

Search/audition/download service
FirstCom Music

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A web-based search/audition/download service from FirstCom music that brings a new level of convenience and speed to quality production music users. With new servers and quality programming, MusiQuick Online searches all of FirstCom's 26,000 unique songs in seconds and downloads songs in minutes. It serves FirstCom customers as an online catalog, music audition resource, music delivery system, custom library manager and track reporting channel. MusiQuick Online can be accessed from virtually any page on the site. MusiQuick Online's search engine allows users to search using one or more of up to 10 criteria including key words, song titles, pre-determined or user-defined descriptions, libraries, disc numbers or titles, applications, styles, moods, tempos, and by composer/arranger.
fax 972-242-6526

Streaming media tool
GMV Network


A completely standards-based media server capable of efficiently delivering MP3 streams for playback by most popular media players, the AudioEdge accepts one or more streams (channels) of MP3 audio as inputs that can be simultaneously served to the major media players, including Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, WinAmp, Freeamp, Yahoo! Player, and a number of Linux-based media players. With the AudioEdge, all popular players can be reached using one MP3 encoder and one serving platform. In this manner, the AudioEdge offers savings on bandwidth costs, hardware costs, and maintenance costs.
312-357-0411; fax 312-357-0412

MGE UPS Systems

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The online three-phase UPS offers scalable power protection from 10 to 30kVA and uses MGE's Ultra High Availability Topology (UHAT) to ensure that all critical loads are protected. The Galaxy 3000 supports 10 to 40 network servers. To increase battery efficiency, the Galaxy 3000 now incorporates a new battery testing module that increases UPS reliability and extends battery life. In addition, this management system can perform predictive failure analysis of the batteries � an essential feature, as batteries are the weakest link in any UPS system. Also new to the Galaxy 3000, is a load surge stabilization feature that allows the UPS output to be steady.

fax 714-557-9788

DSP hardware platform
TC Works

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A PCI card that acts as a DSP turbo, PowerCore is an open-hardware platform for any VST recording application. It enables native users to run intensive high-end effects that previously taxed the host computer. Using the latest Motorola 56K DSPs specifically designed for audio, the TC PowerCore provides significant performance advantages over sole native processing, adding roughly the equivalent power of four Mac G4 processors on a single card, which also features an additional PowerPC chip. TC PowerCore delivers professional signal processing performance seamlessly integrated into any VST-compatible sequencer or audio application such as Cubase, Nuendo, Spark, Peak or Logic. The card introduces a new Plug-In format, VST PowerCore, which is implemented to run as an extension to VST. The user interface code runs on the host and acts like a VST plug-In, while all the CPU-intensive DSP code runs on the card, freeing up precious resources on the host computer for other native processes like VST instruments.

fax 805-379-2648

Radio automation software

TS2000 pro K9:

This software provides broadcasters with world-class, high-quality, multi-format, digital radio automation products to suit the needs of a growing and diverse stations into the professional broadcast market. The new TS2000 pro K9 builds on the success of the TS2000 K8 digital automation platform that has been delivered to more than 7,000 stations worldwide in just over a year. The Tiesseci TS2000 is available as a software kit or as a complete turnkey studio system with all the hardware and software for production and air studios.

+39 33 22 89 164
fax +39 33 28 31 281;

Digital audio mixer
Fairlight On Air

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A digital audio router and mixer in which the internal signal processing is carried out with 32-bit floating point DSP's (Analog Devices SHARC's). Internal over-modulation that sometimes occurs in devices with fixed-point processors will not occur, since the internal dynamic range is greater than 1,000dB. Asynchronous sample rate converters are used in the digital inputs of the Fusion engine; this makes input of digital consumer devices and non-synchronisable professional devices possible. Despite its features and flexibility in adapting to different applications, the cost of ownership for the mixer are competitive compared to an all-analog setup.

+31 26 3684925
fax +31 26 3684927

Supervisory system
Itelco USA


This system, with its windows-based software, enables control and management of a single transmitter to a whole network of transmitters. The ISS can be applied to any Itelco transmitter as well as to transmitters from other manufacturers. The open system architecture allows tailoring the system to the customer's specific requirements as well as modifying or expanding its features in the future. The ISS enhances the ease of transmitter maintenance by identifying the location and number of faults, providing maintenance date and time information, and allowing long-term trend analysis.

303-464-8000; fax 303-464-8770;;

LED lamps

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A line of direct incandescent replacement S6 candelabra screw-based LED lamps integrates new LED chip technology for bright illumination and is plug-compatible with standard illuminated switches and indicators. LEDtronics S6-Based LEDs are offered in two types of LEDs: single and multichip, which provides continuous light even if one or more emitters fail. S6-Based LEDs are available in the following colors and derivations: Green (10,000mcd), White (6,000mcd), Blue (3,000mcd), Yellow (7,000mcd), Red (3,500mcd), and Orange (6,500mcd). LED lamps can be supplied for all common indicator supply voltages from 5V to 220V DC or AC. These products feature built-in current-limiting resistors and polarity-protection diodes to assure that circuit modifications are not required.
800-579-4875; fax 310-534-1424;

Mixing console

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The most powerful feature of the Trilogy Series and the Trilogy 406, is the ability, via stage mode switching, to convert from a front-of-house or recording desk, to a full-featured stage monitor desk. The T 406 also boasts 48 total inputs. The Trilogy 406 can be expanded from 32 to 42 channels (62 total inputs) or 52 channels (76 total inputs) via Studiomaster's T140ex 10-channel expander, connecting via Studiomaster's Tri-Link system. The Trilogy 406 features steel construction and is internally modular. Power is supplied via Studiomaster's external rackmount EP5U power supply. Additional features include: stereo control room outputs, two track tape outputs and headphone bus. The Trilogy 406 provides a full 32 XLR microphone input complement (28 balanced XLR/RTS line mono channels, with four balanced XLR/RTS stereo line combo channels).
fax 714-998-2086

Stereo mixer


Complements any hard-drive system, enhances unattended operation, and can be used as an automated, programmable audio input router. This six stereo in, one stereo out audio mixer has an onboard CPU that controls all mixer parameters: channel on/off, cross-fade, fade duration, channel gains, and the operation (latch on, latch off or pulse) of eight TTL output closures. Can be operated live from a local host computer using Win95/98 compatible operating software (included) over a standard RS-232 serial connection. Also, the host computer can be used to preprogram the eight internal operating setups for recall instantly from the computer, from an optional operator pushbutton panel, or from commands from external equipment. Can be controlled remotelyby accessing the host computer over dial-up phone lines using standard PC communications software or over the Internet, with an ISP connection.
314-345-1030; fax 314-345-1090;

Content creation technology
Microsoft Corp.

Windows Media 7.1:

Updates for the Windows Media Player, Windows Media Encoder and Windows Media Software Development Kit (SDK). With the release of the updated Windows Media 7.1 SDK, leading software vendors announced their plans to support Windows Media Audio and Video 8 codec technology in their next-generation products. Windows Media Player 7.1 now includes CD ripping using the Windows Media Audio 8 technology and provides new tools for enterprise customers that reduce deployment time and support costs. In addition, Windows Media Player 7.1 will be a great player for enterprise customers with the new Enterprise Deployment Pack for Windows Media Player 7.1.
fax 425-936-0251

Tube-sound emulator
Crane Song

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A 24-bit stereo A/D, D/A convertor with DSP emulation of tube and tape sounds, HEDD 192 features adjustable triode, pentode and tape sounds. In addition to tape emulation, an analog dither source has been added to the device. In the A/D mode, the dithering options are 20 or 16 bits. In the digital in/out mode redithering to 16 or 20 bits can be accomplished by selecting the appropriate function. HEDD 192 will be upgradable to 192kHz. Interface options include AES, S/PDIF, Tos link and ADAT optical. HEDD 192 can be used as a word clock source or can sync to an external word clock.
fax 715-398-3279

Audio codec
Audio Processing Technology

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A full duplex multi-channel, multi-algorithm audio codec, the WorldNet Rio-X21 offers 20- and 24-bit operation. A single Motorola DSP563xx device provides increased stereo and mono audio channel capability and simultaneous full duplex operation. With the ability to deliver high quality audio found in inter studio networking, remote/outside broadcasts and STL/TSL applications, the WorldNet Rio-X21 is suitable for use in AM, FM, DAB and other broadcast environments. The available audio bandwidths range from 3.581kHz to 22.856kHz when set for mono operation. When the unit is interfaced with an X21 formatted digital telecom network the input/output data rates range from 64kb/s through to 576.6kb/s. The WorldNet Rio is fully software driven, controlled and monitored through the front panel keyboard and LCD display.
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