Belar Adds More Magic to the Wizard

AMMA-2 gets new 5 kHz and 8 k Hz low-pass filters
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WEST CHESTER, Pa.� � Belar Electronics has updated its AMMA-2 system to improve operational efficiency for HD Radio and MDCL, the company announced.

Nicknamed �the Wizard,� the AMMA-2 is a DSP-based, microprocessor-controlled AM modulation monitor that measures and analyzes positive and negative modulation and carrier level, Belar explains.

Belar has added 5 kHz and 8 kHz low-pass filters to the AMMA-2, which help to eliminate potential interference between analog and digital AM modulation that might affect readings or signal quality, while providing the wider bandwidth needed to support talk and music programming, according to the release. This will help to provide accurate AM readings in the presence of HD Radio carriers.