Belar FMHD-1 with WizWin Software

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Belar FMHD-1 with WizWin Software

Jul 23, 2012 11:28 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

Precision Digital FM/HD stereo monitor/analyzer

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The FMHD-1 FM HD radio monitor was developed using iBiquity's HD Radio technology. The monitor decodes the HD Radio and analog FM signals simultaneously displaying HD Radio status, SIS and PAD data, graphic display analysis of time and level alignment, along with total, pilot, L, R, L+R and L-R metering and RF spectrum analysis with mask and sideband power measurements. The FMHD-1 currently supports monitoring multiple audio streams and simultaneous monitoring of up to four HD Radio audio streams with the optional Decoder Expansion Board and additional decoders. The FMHD-1's compact 2RU design with a 640 x 240 wide viewing angle, color LCD display and rotary encoder provides a detailed, clean and simple user interface. With the included RJ-45 Ethernet Interface and Belar WizWin software, all of the unit's display screens, settings, and alarms may be accessed and controlled remotely.

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