Belar Releases FMHD-1 Modulation Monitor Update

Software update integrates benefits for HD Radio diversity delay
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WEST CHESTER, Pa.�This week will see the release of v6 of Belar Electronics� FMHD-1 modulation monitor software. The update will integrate benefits for HD Radio diversity delay as well as improved present and historical performance monitoring.

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Belar�s Automatic Delay Correction module is included as part of the new update for both the new and existing FMHD-1 modulation monitors. The ADC provides direct communication between the FMHD-1 and the device containing the diversity delay in the broadcast air chain. This is done by establishing an IP connection between the two devices with the FMHD-1 acting as a host device, then calculating and feeding the error information to the delay device. The FMHD-1 with ADC software currently supports GatesAir Flexiva HDE-200 Exporter, Nautel Exporter Plus, as well as multiple Omnia, Orban and Wheatstone audio processors.

The new software release also delivers a series of graphics to capture and communicate activity that are viewable on the FMHD-1 front panel or desktop/laptop/mobile devices using Belar WizWin software. The new graphical information offered by this update is designed to help broadcasters better understand and maximize signal performance.

The ADC software module is available for $749 and is activated through a validation code; the activation fee is eliminated for monitors purchased until the end of 2015.