Beyond these walls 2007

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Beyond these walls 2007

Oct 1, 2007 12:00 AM

When the work is outside the studio.

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AES/EBU digital audio monitor

DM-1: The DM-1 is a portable monitoring system for AES/EBU digital audio signals. The unit provides a D/A (digital to analog) converter, headphone amplifier and LED display of the incoming sampling frequency (32, 44.1, or 48kHz). Plugging a valid AES/EBU signal into the back of the DM-1 allows headphone monitoring of the signal, with visual status. Any standard headphone from 8 to 600V impedance may be used. A front panel level control adjusts the headphone volume.

Reusable label dispenser

Rhino 101: The Rhino 101 reusable label dispenser is a refillable, hand-held labeling tool that provides tape, pen, writing surface and cutter into one. While electronic label printing is a fast-growing segment of the market, traditional pen-and-tape labeling remains the method of choice for some, as well as a viable means of temporary labeling in the rough-in phase of installations. The Rhino 101 is available in two packages, one for wire and cable marking (contains self-laminating die cut vinyl labels) and one for general purpose marking (contains continuous flexible nylon labels). It features a large window for writing and viewing, a belt clip and lanyard hook and thumb-driven label advance.

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Ipod rackmount docking station

RXS-IRDS, RXS-IRDS2: This Ipod rackmount docking system is a push/push system: open the docking platform and dock the Ipod. The platform closes for a sleek rack appearance. The in-rack IRDS station provides Firewire, USB and audio outputs, and is compatible with all Ipod, Ipod Mini and Ipod Nano products.

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Cable pulling tool
West Industries

Laserline: Equipped with a laser sighting device, Laserline installs a pull line up to 120'' through web trusses, across suspended ceiling systems, under sub-flooring or through any limited access areas. Once a route has been established, aim the Laserline''s laser sight at the proposed path for the installation and pull the trigger. A soft projectile pulls a nylon pull line up to 120'' to the destination. The unit is machined from aircraft aluminum with an anodized finish. The kit includes CO2 cartridges, 17lb. nylon pull line, nylon darts with a foam tip and a carrying case.

Head-strap work light
Pelican Products

Heads Up Lite 2670 LED: The HeadsUp Lite 2670 LED is a 0.5W, 4.5V, weather-resistant 4.8oz headlamp that gives off 22 lumens of clean brilliant light for up to eight hours while in constant mode. It has a rear intermittent and constant safety beacon, which can be seen for more than half a mile at dusk and flash for more than 20 hours.

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Cable protector
Yellow Jacket

AMS: The Yellow Jacket Advanced Modular System (AMS) is a cable protector system designed to grow with a user''s needs. The system interfaces with a broad range of existing cable protector systems. Simply add more center sections to protect an additional 5, 50 or more cables, lines or hoses.

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Sign-making software

Maxisign v2: Maxisigns V.2 from K-Sun Corporation allows users to design and print professional OSHA mandated and ANSI/ISO compliant safety signs and tags with any PC compatible desktop printer. Enhancements, such as Homeland Security signs and symbols, add to the wide library of safety pictographs, ergonomic, AED and recycling symbols, lockout/tagout formats, IMO signs and ANSI/ISO symbols. Each sign can now be translated into Spanish or Canadian French with the click of a mouse button.

Spectrum analyzer, monitor

WR-G33WSM: A high-performance, low-cost receiver and spectrum analyzer developed for wireless mics and other wireless audio devices. The receiver''s frequency range covers all standard wireless mic and other VHF/UHF frequencies used in audio production, including the FM broadcast band and point-to-point communications. Highly sensitive, easy to interface with standard laptops and PCs and optimized to work with short VHF/UHF antennas, the receiver is also simple to install and intuitive to use. The scanning function maps the radio spectrum environment of a particular location to determine available frequencies and allocate wireless mics to the available channels. The entire spectrum environment of each venue can be saved and recalled later, to save time during the next visit. The receiver connects to a PC via the supplied USB cable. The frequency range is: 30Hz to 1,000Hz. It operates on 12Vdc at 600mA.
+61 3 9568 2568

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Power distribution unit
BMF Power

Value Line: Available in eight, 10- or 12-socket configurations, these ac line filters include two- and four-pole EMI noise filtering and provide protection from destructive power line surges. All models include a lighted on/off power switch and resettable circuit breaker. Versions are rated for 15A and 20A capacities with NEMA sockets mounted in a horizontal position to accommodate wall plug-style adapters without blocking the adjacent sockets.