Broadcast Devices Releases 8/16 Audio Switcher

Available in either an eight input or 16 input version
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BUCHANAN, N.Y.�Broadcast Devices has introduced its new 8/16 Series Passive Audio Switcher for the sound contractor and broadcast markets.

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The 8/16 switcher series is designed to prevent single points of failure in analog and digital audio systems. The new switcher can accept either eight or 16 sets of balanced pairs and route them to a common output. It comes in two versions, the 8/16-8 eight input and the 8/16-16 16 input models.

The unit features the Tascam 25 pin interface; the DB25 connection for the remote control interface; and has the option of accessory DB25 to XLR and/or 75 Ohm BNC interfaces.

The 8/16 series is now available, with the 8/16-8 model available for $1,095 and the 8/16-16 model available for $1,295.