Broadcast Electronics Ships HD Radio Tube Transmitter

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Broadcast Electronics Ships HD Radio Tube Transmitter

Sep 8, 2006 12:15 PM

Quincy, IL - Sep 8, 2006 - Broadcast Electronics (BE) is now shipping a new line of tube transmitters for HD Radio, the FMI T series. The first FMI 21T transmitter went on the air in August at Clear Channel station WGAR-FM in Cleveland, combining analog FM and HD Radio into a single antenna system.

Among the orders already received by BE for the new line is a recent purchase by Cache Valley Radio in Logan, UT, which ordered three FMI 25T transmitters for similar configurations.

The FMI T Series consists of three models (FMI 17T, FMI 21T and FMI 25T) with up to 25kW FM+HD Radio operation, and better than 55 percent overall efficiency. All models include BE's FXI FM+HD Radio exciter.

All modesl use BE's exclusive ESP correction technology to improve spectral output performance and efficiency. Based on the T Series, the FMI T Series includes BE's patented folded half-wave cavity eliminating DC plate blocking capacitors and all sliding RF contacts. BE FM 25T, FM 30T and FM 35T transmitters now operating as analog FM can be updated for HD Radio operation.