Broadcast Tools AES Switcher Sentinel 4 Web

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Broadcast Tools AES Switcher Sentinel 4 Web

May 31, 2012 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

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Remote digital audio switcher
A simple way to remotely switch AES audio feeds via the Web or locally, the AES Switcher Sentinel 4 can be controlled and monitored locally and/or remotely over any IP network via a Web browser, Web-enabled mobile device, front panel switch and/or contact closures. Email notification may be configured to alert up to eight recipients when alarms are detected. The user may also enable a sound effect to play on a PC speaker when an alarm is generated. The active AES output is monitored for activity and may be configured to perform user-defined action sequences if activity is lost and switch to a defined back-up source. Logging of system status along with the site ID may be emailed in time spans from once an hour to once a day. SNMP and SMTP username and passwords are also supported. Front panel and remote contact closure control and monitoring functions are provided. Audio connections are made with plug-in Euro-block screw terminals. Four units may be mounted on one RA-1 1RU shelf.

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