BT Media & Broadcast Purchases Systembase IP Audio Codec

Installed on UHD and HD OB trucks
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LONDON�BT Media & Broadcast has announced that is has recently acquired Systembase C510ip audio codecs to install on its fleet of OB trucks. With the new codecs, BT will be able to offer audio delivery over IP networks while maintaining backward compatibility with C310xr ISDN audio codecs.

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The Systembase C510ip allows BT to stream audio and video services through the same IP connection using virtual private networks to allocate a fixed amount of IP bandwidth to each service. The codecs also allow dynamic simulcast broadcast of an audio feed to multiple clients from a single IP connection. These new IP audio capabilities will reduce BT�s reliance on ISDN installations.

BT Media & Broadcast is the international media services subsidiary of BT Group and is based in London.