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CFA Tests in UK Postponed

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CFA Tests in UK Postponed

Jul 2, 2001 12:00 PM

After a long, long wait to make efficiency tests on a Crossed Field Antenna (CFA) in the United Kingdom with transmitter power and field strength measurements by U.S. engineers, the proponents of the CFA were unable to put the antenna into operational condition prior to the time the tests were originally scheduled in early June. As of this writing, no known U.S.-sponsored tests have taken place. Presumably the tests will be rescheduled.

U.S. broadcast engineers have had their suspicions aroused by the CFA, which the inventor claims will emit signals with the efficiency of a much taller antenna, such as a quarter wavelength vertical used in the AM broadcast band. Trouble is, very short antennas, like the CFA, have traditionally been very poor radiators.