CMN Adds U.A.E. Presence

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CMN Adds U.A.E. Presence

Oct 15, 2014 10:47 AM

DUBAI� Systems integrator Media Group International has built a radio station for the Children's Media Network in the U.A.E.

Pearl FM

The project, which took three weeks to complete, involved designing and installing two radio studios and a backup studio that doubles up as a production facility. MGI also installed server rooms where live material can be stored for up to 60 days.

Earlier this year CMN was appointed to launch and manage PearlFM, an English and Arabic language radio station for children and their families. The station will play a role in reflecting the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum to provide a cultural space dedicated to enriching the lives of children. Dubai-based CMN is committed to establishing a multimedia platform related to children and to creatively working with them. The company also aims to provide a support network for parents.

�We chose MGI for this project because the company has a reputation for delivering world-class broadcast solutions,� said CMN''s Jeff Price. �As part of our remit is to allow children to present some of our programs, we needed tough, durable equipment that is also easy to operate. MGI gave us excellent advice and helped us choose equipment that was ideally suited to our needs.�

The equipment chosen for the new station includes Clyde Broadcast Synergy Master Control systems installed in all of the studios. These are complemented by RCS playout systems; microphones from Clyde Broadcast, Shure and Beyerdynamic; Sonifex delay units and a range of production and control software from various manufacturers.

PearlFM launched in October 2014 with a broadcast from the Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children in Dubai. Catering to children up to age 12, the station will present interactive programs that combine music with discussion and will also give children the opportunity to present their own shows. PearlFM will also provide a support network for parents who can phone in during talk shows or listen to experts.

Once PearlFM is established, CMN plans to launch a sister station, LuluFM, an all-Arabic radio station for children.