Comrex Offers AAC-ELD for Access Codecs

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Comrex Offers AAC-ELD for Access Codecs

Apr 1, 2008 2:42 PM

Erlangen, Germany and Devens, MA - Apr 1, 2008 - Comrex has signed an agreement with Fraunhofer IIS to license Fraunhofer's new AAC-ELD (enhanced low delay) coding algorithm for use with the Comrex Access line of audio codecs. The new algorithm will make its Comrex debut the upcoming NAB Show.

Comrex Technical Director Tom Hartnett explains, "AAC-ELD combines the best aspects of low-delay audio coding with Spectral Band Replication to reduce bit-rate. This combination creates a coding algorithm that is uniquely suited to real-time audio transmission over IP circuits."

The algorithm is part of the Comrex AAC Option Package for Access codecs. AAC-ELD is free to current owners of the Access AAC Option. It is currently available for Access Rack and will be available soon for Access Portable.

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