Comrex Polishes the Opal for NAB Show

Opus-based IP audio gateway to be introduced in Las Vegas
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FORT DEVENS, Mass. ��Codec maker�Comrex�plans to introduce an Opus-based IP audio portal it calls Opal at the NAB Show.

Comrex explains, �Once installed, Opal serves a web page to anyone who accesses it through a computer or Android device (with a microphone, earpiece, and browser). This web page will allow a user to click a button and broadcast from their computer or phone in high fidelity. High quality return audio is also provided to the guest.�

According to the company, Opal offers studio-quality sound. It is aimed at �users who need to coordinate call-ins with non-technical remote guests � guests can simply click a link, and connect instantly. Opal establishes the link using the Opus encoder, for excellent fidelity and low delay.�

The half-rack Opal can support two connections at once.