Comrex Provides Portable Access to Courthouse Remote

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Comrex Provides Portable Access to Courthouse Remote

Jul 31, 2007 4:40 PM

Richmond, VA - Jul 26, 2007 - Following allegations of illegal dog fighting, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick made a scheduled appearance for his arraignment on federal charges at a courthouse in Richmond, VA. The media covered the court appearance, including Sludge and the Morning Sludge from Cox Radio's WDYL, Y101 New Rock.

Dressed in dog suits, the morning show made its presence known as it broadcast its four-hour morning show from the scene while roaming through the crowd talking to protesters and passersby. The broadcast was relayed to the studio using the Comrex Access Portable BRIC IP stereo codec.

The morning show used the Access Portable with EVDO wireless service to transmit bi-directional, low-delay audio back to the station. The Access Portable can use a variety of wireless IP services, including Wi-fi, DSL, 3G wireless and satellite in addition to connections via a POTS line.