Comrex Releases 2.7 Firmware for Access Products

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Comrex Releases 2.7 Firmware for Access Products

Sep 29, 2009 2:27 PM

Devens, MA - Sep 29, 2009 - Comrex has announced the release of 2.7 firmware for its line of Access IP codecs, which includes the Access Portable and Access Rackmount. In addition to functionality enhancements such as HTTP streaming, added support for 3G wireless devices, the addition of FLAC algorithms and Web browser improvements, the 2.7 firmware update features N/ACIP compatibility with IP codecs from other manufacturers as well as a significant technology enhancement known as BRIC UDP Transmission Enhancement or BRUTE.

Comrex introduced BRIC technology in 2005. Comrex Tech Director Thomas Hartnett says, "Since then, we've gained lots of experience on extra-challenging IP wireless networks like Wi-fi, satellite and 3G. At the same time these networks have skyrocketed in popularity. As a result, these services can be burdened with overuse which sometimes causes IP audio transmission to suffer." Hartnett continues," We've taken our findings back to the lab and improved on the BRIC concept by adding a reliability layer along with intelligent congestion avoidance. The resultant combination, BRUTE, delivers the best possible user experience over modern networks, especially those plagued by overutilization and marginal coverage."

N/ACIP or Network/Audio Contribution over Internet Protocol is a technical specification (EBU-TECH 3326) drafted by the European Broadcast Union that creates a set of standards by which various manufacturers of IP-based audio codecs can interoperate. Comrex Access customers can update their pre-2.7 codecs with the latest firmware update to connect to IP codecs from other manufacturers that have implemented N/ACIP protocols on their devices.

The 2.7 update with BRUTE and N/ACIP compatibility is available for free to all existing Access Portable and Rackmount users via download from the Comrex website at: or by contacting Comrex Tech Support at 978-784-1776. The 2.7 update will be included on all newly purchased Access shipped from Comrex.

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