Comrex Ships Access Portable

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Comrex Ships Access Portable

Apr 13, 2007 9:40 AM

Devens, MA - Apr 13, 2007 - Comrex is now shipping its Access portable stereo BRIC IP codec. Like the Access rackmount version, the new codec uses Broadcast Reliable Internet Codec technology. This technology allows broadcasters to use a variety of IP circuits to broadcast real-time wideband audio with low delay. The codec uses wired circuits such as DSL, broadband cable, POTS and T1/E1 as well as wireless circuits like satellite, Wi-fi, EVDO, UMTS/HSPDA and other 3G wireless data networks. The Access also offers an optional suite of AAC algorithms that includes high-efficiency AAC and AAC Low-Delay for optimized audio quality when used on managed data networks as well as a POTS compatibility mode for use with Comrex Vector, Blue Box and Matrix POTS codecs.

The Access Portable will be on display at NAB in Comrex's booth N5726.