DACS Introduces Test Lab

Provides tests during installation and live sound projects
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PORTLAND, Maine�Conceived by DACS installation engineers, the DACS Test Lab was designed to provide necessary tests during installation and live sound projects in a portable unit operated by battery or AC power. Test Lab is able to conduct signal path integrity tests; speaker checks; correct wiring of cables; presence and voltage of the AC supply; and soldering or checking connectors.

Test Lab comes in a steel case that measures 168 x 130 x 58 mm. Controls and connectors are primarily placed on the upper surface, including two 10-segment LED bar graph meters to show audio output and input levels on the two banks of connectors that flank the LEDs. Additionally, LEDs are placed above the meters to show what battery power the unit is running off of. A rotary control is present to adjust the output level from the signal generator. Two columns of three LEDs are below the rotary control for the cable testing mode; a rotary �mode� switch is below the columns.

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On the unit�s left side, output connector choices include a pair of terminals with sockets for 4 mm plugs or bare wires and a Neutrik NL4MD Speakon connection, and an isolate RCA socket, a three-pin, male XLR and a three-pole, 6.35 mm jack socket. On the right side input choices are Speakon, isolated RCA socket, and a three-pin, female XLR combined with a three-pole, 6.35 mm jack socket.