Dalet Enhances HD Radio Support

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Dalet Enhances HD Radio Support

Sep 21, 2006 3:00 PM

Dallas - Sep 21, 2006 - Dalet's 5.1 and Dalet Plus Radio Suite now support the Ibiquity encoder enabling Program Associated Data (PAD) or Main Program Service data to be automatically transmitted during broadcast. Programs broadcast with Dalet 5.1 and the radio suite can update HD Radio receiver screens to inform listeners of what is currently playing. This on-air plug-in also supports RDS for FM, PAD for DAB and XML for Web streaming platforms.

Also, Dalet Plus Radio Suite users can now �click and cast� any audio asset from their digital audio library. Format conversion and associated metadata insertion are automated and the resulting MP3 file is pushed to a predefined directory over the LAN or WAN.