DataMax Group Introduces eWeather Client

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DataMax Group Introduces eWeather Client

Oct 3, 2014 11:28 AM

ATHENS�eWeather Client, a PC-based multilingual weather app targeted to radio stations, has been officially launched by DataMax Group, a software-development company operating out of Greece.

�This new eWeather client application is designed to assist radio stations get up-to-date weather-related information for any given city, zip, code, etc. by polling the Internet every five, 10 or whatever minute interval the user prefers,� said owner Ted Papatsarouchas.

The app will create an MP3 file featuring either a male or female human voice with the weather update that stations can use as scheduled six- to nine-second spots in their rotation. Users can also customize announcements to include radio station call sign, city or other information. Additionally, an ad can be tacked onto the end of the spot, effectively sponsoring the weather update.