DaySequerra Offers Upgrade Program

DaySequerra, provider of high-performance broadcast radio monitors will introduce an upgrade program for its HD Radio modulation monitors and receivers in service across the U.S.
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WEST BERLIN, N.J. ? DaySequerra, provider of broadcast radio monitors, will introduce an upgrade program for its HD Radio modulation monitors and receivers in service across the U.S. Additionally, the company DaySequerra is debuting its NeuStar Air 2 codec-specific pre-conditioner plus digital radio air processor.

�We shipped our first HD Radio AM/FM modulation monitor back in 2005 and by 2010 we had shipped more than two thousand units to US broadcasters; if you add our M4 series to those numbers we have well over 3500 units now on-the-air. Literally every one of those units, no matter how old, can now be upgraded to our latest hardware configuration including new LCD/LEDs and web server remote as well as fixing all the older, nagging issues. We also program every unit with up-to-date firmware and most recent HD Radio library, and each upgraded unit is covered with a new 3-year warranty,� said David Day, President of DaySequerra. �From the beginning we vowed to support every unit we ship for its useful lifetime, and are very proud that we are still upgrading the performance our very first product, the FM Reference, which is now 25 years old,� added Day.

The M2HDSP upgrade includes a new Texas Instruments DSP that replaces the older M2�s analog circuitry and delivers drift-free demodulated audio and carrier level measurements with better than 1 percent accuracy � all on new LCD display and LED bargraph meters.

All M2 and M4 upgrades have a built-in Web server compatible with popular browsers that displays Artist Experience and an alarm to simultaneously monitor for loss of MPS and HD-1 Program Audio as well as loss of carrier, OFDM HD Radio lock, RBDS PS and RT fields, Artist Experience artwork, PSD and SIS data. All upgraded units can send email alerts and come complete with a new 3-year warranty.

M4.2Si and M4.2TimeLock upgrades are now available for every M4. DaySequerra is scheduling upgrades M2HDSP for M2.0, M2.1 and M2.2 units to start shipping in June 2015. All of these upgrades will be on display at the show.

The NeuStar Air 2 is intended to improve digital audio processing within existing bit rate constraints.

With today�s lossy codecs, transparent digital audio is typically encoded at a bit rate of 256 Kbps, while transmission of digital audio is bandwidth-limited at 96kbps for FM HD RadioTM and DAB+ broadcasters and 36kbps for AM HD Radio broadcasters. Broadcast signals enhanced via NeuStar Air 2 deliver high quality, clean digital sound at bit rates as low as 24 Kbps.

NeuStar Air 2 is a full-featured, codec-specific air processing solution for all HD Radio and HE- AAC v2 based digital radio broadcasts. The NeuStar Air 2 works in both the studio and back end (transmission site) of the air chain. It also offers compatibility with an increased range of digital formats, including HD Radio AM/FM, DAB+, DRM and HE-AAC v2 Internet radio streams.