Demo shows HD Radio ready to go with CAP

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Demo shows HD Radio ready to go with CAP

Apr 20, 2011 11:00 AM, By Mark Krieger

The 2011 NAB Show set the stage for a news from Global Security Systems, Sage Alerting Systems and iBiquity Digital Corporation, promoting HD Radio as the latest platform for distributing Common Alert Protocol (CAP) EAS audio and text messages.

Using this system CAP-EAS messages are captured on a Sage Digital Endec via GSSNet, satellite data delivery or the Internet, then processed, converted, and pushed out over HD Radio to be heard and/or displayed on compatible HD Radio receivers.

A live demonstration of text delivery verified that HD Radio technology is now compatible with the federally mandated Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS).

On April 6, WTGE-FM in Baton Rouge, LA, broadcast CAP-EAS messages from a satellite downlink over HD Radio for the first time, as CAP EAS messages with text were successfully transmitted and recovered via the station's HD Radio hybrid digital signal.

This latest integration of technologies means EAS messages can now be broadcast through analog AM/FM, textually through ALERT FM's use of Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS), and via digital audio and text over HD Radio.

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