Deva Device Manager Adds Device

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Deva Device Manager Adds Device

Oct 20, 2014 3:29 PM

BURGAS, BULGARIA�Deva Device Manager, Deva Broadcast''s software product for managing Deva''s FM mod monitors, monitoring and rebroadcast receivers, has added to the models of the monitored devices supported.

The software now incorporates the formerly separate software for remote monitoring and control of DB-44 Compact FM Radio Monitoring Receiver device. The latest Deva software product is a single and unified solution for control and at-a-glance monitoring of its entire line of monitoring gear. The latest software enables quick and easy connection to all of the controlled devices, showing status at a glance and displaying also all the critical events or alarms

Deva has also released the latest firmware revision for DB8008 which reduces dramatically the delay on the Main and Auxiliary input to the output to less than 5 ms. To give broadcasters full control over on-air program feeds and live broadcast content, our engineers have released this ultimate update that allows for preventing undesirable material with the means of minimizing broadcast delay.

Also, the DB8008''s IP source, which had previously 3 URLs assigned, is now subdivided into three separate IP audio sources: IP Audio 1, 2 and 3, each functioning as an audio source in its own right. That adds flexibility and more control over the source back-up priority, immediate access to the source and a direct manual connection. The new firmware enables quick and easy diagnostics of the IP audio sources'' status and connectivity. In addition, the newest DB8008 firmware release makes several minor fixes.