Dialight Spotlights IR-Equipped LED Lighting System

Dual Red/White Strobe system is designed to be seen by night vision goggles
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FARMINGDALE, N.J.�LED lighting technology provider Dialight has unveiled its new Vigilant LED Dual Red/White Strobe with Infrared obstruction lighting system.

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Approved by the FAA, and with the addition of IR LEDs, the new Dual IR flash head and system is designed to enhance visibility and safety for pilots, including those using night-vision goggles.

The new IR strobe features IR LEDs, working in conjunction with the red LEDs, operating at 850nm to ensure 360 degrees of visibility with the latest night-vision goggles with Class B or Class C filters. Dialight�s dual fixture is compliant with the Finnish Transport Safety Agency, which is recognized as the international standard, on IR intensity and angle standards.

Based off of Dialight�s standard dual strobe, the IR LED module is integrated into the flash head. The IR and LEDs are controlled and monitored together for proper night-time operation. The IR-equipped flash head is also backwards compatible with existing Dialight red/white strobes in the field.

The FAA and Transport Canada have not yet implemented IR requirements, but are expected to. The Dialight Vigilant LED Dual Red/White Strobe with IR system is designed to put obstruction property operators, i.e. radio towers, ahead of the curve.