Dielectric Updates Interleaved Array Design

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Dielectric Updates Interleaved Array Design

Feb 5, 2008 5:16 PM

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Raymond, ME - Feb 5, 2008 - Dielectric Communications has made improvements to its interleaved arrays for FM radio, providing better isolation without the use and added cost of a circulator. Dielectric's interleaved systems now will yield a minimum -40dB isolation for single-frequency antennas and a minimum -30dB isolation in dual-frequency applications, regardless of the antenna bay styles.

The increase in isolation between the analog and digital sections broadcasters can increase their digital transmitter power without affecting their analog transmission.

The new interleaved arrays, including a DCRC6 interleaved array with an HDRH4 antenna that will provide -41dB of isolation, will soon be in use at transmitter sites. At KRTH 101.1 FM in Los Angeles, Dielectric's DCRM4 array is integrated with an HDRM3 dual-frequency antenna. Because this antenna was 3/4-wave spaced, it was difficult to achieve sufficient isolation. With the application of Dielectric's new interleaved array design, the antenna measured better than -32dB at 94.7 and 101.1MHz in the field.

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