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Apr 23, 2012 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

Audio IP codec
IQOYA * CALL/LE is designed for any real-time audio contribution application over IP networks that requires end-to-end, full-duplex audio quality with a high level of reliability. Providing 24-bit audio quality with input THD greater than -90dB and low power consumption of under 11W, the codec offers quick and easy phone-like connection to remote talent. At the core of IQOYA *CALL/LE is the same audio transport technology found on all the IQOYA family of IP audio solutions by Digigram: The FluidIP audio transport technology ensures a robust connection with efficient management of jitter, loss, drift, QoS and FEC, and the unit's low latency and Fraunhofer error concealment deliver exceptional quality. Symmetrical RTP mode with auto-answer makes it particularly suitable for simple infrastructures without SIP, and the unit supports easy creation and use of profiles for both audio and network formats.

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