Digital Alert Systems Adds DASDEC Support for DM Engineering Switching Devices

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Digital Alert Systems Adds DASDEC Support for DM Engineering Switching Devices

Aug 26, 2014 10:26 AM

LYNDONVILLE, N.Y� Digital Alert Systems, a division of Monroe Electronics, now offers an upgrade to its DASDEC series of flexible hardware/software emergency messaging platforms. Digital Alert Systems offers Common Alerting Protocol and Emergency Alert Systems.

In cooperation with DM Engineering, DASDEC systems now support the DM Engineering Multi-Station Relay Adapter and Multi-Station Relay Expander switching devices. These products are connected via a serial cable then simply configured from the DASDEC's user interface, eliminating the need to completely rewire or replace the switching hardware when upgrading to DASDEC, saving a station time and money.

The upgrade will be available on a limited basis until the next full system release. The upgrade is free for DASDEC users who have installed a Plus Package or added MultiStation-2 or MultiStation-5 keys to their systems.

�DM Engineering''s MSRA and MSRE products have seen broad adoption among a number of stations,� said said Bill Robertson, vice president of business development at Digital Alert Systems. �Having an interface that works with them ensures that existing DASDEC customers looking for a cost-effective way to add EAS/CAP coverage on more streams can easily add the DM Engineering products to solve their stations' switching needs. At the same time, stations that already have MSRA products can continue to use them and simply swap their old EAS devices for a fully integrated DASDEC system.�

A DASDEC system using DAS MultiStation software to cover more than one program usually requires additional audio switching to operate effectively. The addition of the MSRA or MSRE product to this configuration makes it possible for a single DASDEC system to provide Emergency Alert System information to more program streams, and do so with minimal wiring and � because the MSRA includes a built-in audio distribution amp � a minimum of additional products.