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Digital Alert Systems Unveils Three Updates

All upgrades will be part of company’s NAB Show display
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LYNDONVILLE, N.Y.�Digital Alert Systems has a trio of its systems ready to bloom with new updates as spring comes close to rolling around.

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First is the release of the version 3.1 software upgrade for the DASDEC system. Version 3.1 makes the EAS/CAP platform able to support MPEG-DASH message playout. With the addition of MPEG-DASH, it is now possible to switch the internal MPEG encoder to provide a constant stream to maintain continuity with downstream encoders and other devices. The upgrade also provided the Alert Agent with improved handling of rare alert cases, as well as a new audio-normalization function matching audio levels in analog and digital alerts and security and logging changes to make the system compliant with CAP server mandates in both the US and Canada. All current version 3.0 customers can upgrade to version 3.1 for free.

There has also been an update to Digital Alert System�s optional Custom Message Plus software, now rebranded as Custom Message Pro. With its new name, the system can now store message contents and display parameters as named templates, as well as a new interface.

The third updated system is version 3.0 of the Audio Management System. New features with the AMS offer more refined compliance with the 21st Century CVAA. Improved connectivity, stability and logging are also expected as part of the upgrade.

All of these newly updated products will be on display at the 2017 NAB Show, along with other Digital Alert Systems products like the DASEOC M series, DASDEC II emergency messaging platform, and Multiplayer four-channel audio player and program switcher.


Digital Alert Systems at the 2017 NAB Show Product Preview

Besides demonstrating a range of new and existing products at the 2017 NAB Show, Digital Alert Systems will have a voice in the discussion of ATSC 3.0 Advanced Emergency Alerting. Ed Czarnecki, the company's senior director of strategic development and global government affairs and a key architect of the Advanced Emergency Alerting protocol, will present an insider's view into the progress of ATSC 3.0's Advanced Emergency Alerting capability. Czarnecki and fellow panelists will address both the technology and the workflow behind Advanced Emergency Alerting, and how TV stations can use it to better communicate urgent information to targeted audiences while also driving new value-added opportunities. The 30-minute panel discussion will focus on how emergency alerting fits into the ATSC 3.0 suite of standards, practical steps to implementation, the results of recent 3.0 demonstrations and pilots, and a preview of what is coming next.