DK Publishes Guide on Metering Basics

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DK Publishes Guide on Metering Basics

Jun 8, 2007 12:23 PM

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DK-Technologies Publishes Guide on Audio Metering Basics
Copenhagen - Jun 7, 2007 - Created to answer many questions about audio metering, Audio Levels and Readings is a new booklet from Danish manufacturer DK-Technologies. The booklet was written by independent audio consultant and AES member Eddy Bogh Brixen. The resource is included free of charge to purchasers of a DK-Technologies audio meter. It is also available as a download from the DK-technologies website at

Audio Levels and Readings offers a basic insight into the world of audio levels and metering and covers many useful topics, from the basics such as what is an audio signal and how does one measure level, through to more complex issues such as loudness, A-weighting and how analog levels relate to digital scales.