DM Engineering Releases Mic-Pod

Features microphone On-Off control
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CAMARILLO, Calif.�Designed for remote broadcasts, podcasts, or talk studio applications, the Mic-Pod is the latest release from DM Engineering that offers microphone On-Off control.

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The Mic-Pod features include an LED light for Mic-On and Mic-Off push buttons; a cough-mute function; choice of front panel or top surface mounting for the control panel; remote control of Mic On-Off function with a logic low or contact closure; LED Mic-On status indication on the rear of the enclosure for status check; XLR connectors for Mic in and out; rear panel screw terminal block for Solid State Relay output drive voltage, continuous or flashing, to drive a DME Solid State Replay pack or customers own solid state replay for On-Air or Recording signs, or for an external LED indicator; 9VDC universal input power supply included.

DM Engineering is now offering the Mic-Pod for $129.