DPA Microphones’ d:dictate Series Goes Wireless

Features gooseneck accessory and MicroDot Preamplifier
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ALLEROED, Denmark�DPA Microphones has debuted the GSM4000 Gooseneck Shock Mount Accessory and MMP-G Modular Active Cable for MicroDot, accessories for the d:dictate microphone that will allow it to go wireless.

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The MMP-G Active Cable is a transparent preamplifier with active drive for impedance balancing to reject frequency interference. The d:dictate can use it to connect to wireless systems with a fixed MicroDot connector. The range of d:dictate capsules can be mounted on the MMP-G. The MMP-G is available in two models, the MMP-GR, which has the cable extending from the rear, and the MMP-GS, which has it extending from the side.

The gooseneck shock mount offers a clip at the end that allows the d:dictate to be mounted with a preamp connected to it. The GSM4000 features an integrated shock mount and can be set up in different positions. The accessory measures in at 4.5-inches.

DPA will officially release the MMP-G and GSM4000 this summer.