Electro-Voice Model V-3

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Electro-Voice Model V-3

Dec 1, 2010 1:00 AM

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The Electro-Voice V-3 velocity (pressure gradient) microphone is part of a family of mics, including the V-1, V-2 and V-4. This model has high gain to be used with any amplifier. Its Vari-Z Selector permits selection of 50, 250, 500 or Hi-Z output impedance. Low impedances are balanced to ground. Its frequency response is 40 to 10kHz. It features bidirectional voltage output and frequency response is constant at all angles. Measurements are 2-1/2"(W) x 8"(H) x 2-1/8"(D).

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Electro-Voice Model V-3 polar pattern

Electro-Voice Model V-3 technical data sheet

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