ENCO Introduces enStreamer

ENCO Systems has added the enStreamer, a new hardware product
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SOUTHFIELD, Mich.�ENCO Systems has added the�enStreamer,�a new hardware product.�

The enStreamer is a small audio/video stream decoder built from a Raspberry Pi computer. According to a release, it �can decode a continuous stream of audio or receive audio and video files with playlists and store them locally for automated playout. Intended to be a primary or a failover device, each enStreamer unit is able to overcome interruptions to the live stream by switching over to local playout automatically.��

Therefore it can act as the main audio delivery device or be useful in a backup role, such as at a transmitter site.�

ENCO General Manager Ken Frommert said, �Broadcasters and system integrators can now deliver regionalized programming through scheduled switching to replace identifications, commercial ads, and news actualities with localized content, even with limited Internet connectivity.��

Using ENCO�s experience with automation, the enStreamer�s onboard automation is more than decoding and file-playing. It can automatically update itself, play segues and overlapping voice tracks and maintain logs.�

�This level of versatility makes the enStreamer perfect for transmitter sites, translator sites, network stations, and digital signage installations,��said�Frommert.�