ETS Introduces AES/EBU Digital Audio Adapter

Can send AES/EBU digital audio signals up to 100m over Cat5 UTP
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FREEMONT, Calif.�Energy Transformation Systems has announced its new ETS Digital Audio Adapter (PA850 series) that is designed to send AES/EBU signals over Cat5 or better Unshielded Twisted Pair wiring. The adapter is currently available in two models, the PA850 (shown at right) and PA851.

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With impedance matching, the adapter is capable of preventing reflections that can degrade signal reception and decoding. The ETS design is also meant to balance and isolate the signal to eliminate unwanted jitter.

ETS says that the adapter�s signal performance over UTP is equal to 110 ohm single Shielded Twisted Pair wiring.