ETS Rolls Out New AV Distribution Hub

Runs audio and video signals over CAT5 or better wiring
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FREMONT, Calif.�A new entry in Energy Transformation System�s line of products is the CAT5 Audio-Video Broadcast system that uses a UTP Audio-Video Distribution Hub. The new unit features a baseband video with two channels of line-level audio transmit through the distribution amplifier, creating eight output sets from a single source.

Officially billed as AV608, the AV Distribution Hub can be cascaded twice, yielding a total distribution of 512 displays from just one input source. The system supports NTSC, PAL, SECAM, CCTV color video and stereo audio signals over a total run length in excess of 330 meters on Category 5 or better cable. Black and white signals can be run to a length of up to 750 meters.

The AV608 system is now available from ETS.