ETS Rolls Out PA 810 Series

Includes Digital Audio Baluns and Balun Panels
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FREMONT, Calif.�Energy Transformation Systems has unveiled its ETS PA 810 Series of products, which includes Digital Audio Baluns and Balun panels. With ETS Balanced Line technology, the baluns and balun panels in the system connect AES/EBU signals from XLR output equipment into standard 75 ohm coax cabling systems.

The Digital Audio Baluns and panels perform impedance-matching and signal balancing that enable AES/EBU signals to be transmitted with greater signal integrity and longer runs over unbalanced coaxial cable than with STP wiring, per ETS. ETS also offers isolated versions for VDA and router applications.

Other products in the PA 810 Series� incorporates ETS baluns into convenient eight-channel, single rack-height units. There is also a �Re-Balancer� unit that balances signals into a true balanced-line performance.