Eventide Upgrades H8000FW Software

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Eventide Upgrades H8000FW Software

Oct 12, 2006 3:29 PM

San Francisco - Oct 10, 2006 - Available in October, Eventide's software upgrade for its H8000FW digital processor will offer users 100 new programs and additional tools for sound creation. Version 5.2 also offers seven new modules, which brings gives the total number of effects modules for this software to 249.

The Audiomux module is an audio crossbar router for surround sound. The Compressor module offers enhanced performance capabilities, while the Delay_XF module is a crossfading multi-tap delay with modulation and gain. The EQS module offers filter shapes for EQ. The H3000OSC function provides modulation sources such as ramp, sine, triangle, peak, square, S&H, random and MIDI. Moddetun is a pitch detune module, and Overload is an indicator for detecting overloads from within a signal path.