Fairview Microwave Debuts Semi-Rigid Test Probes

New family of test probes operates up to 6 GHz
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ALLEN, Texas�Fairview Microwave has introduced a new family of semi-rigid test probes designed to assist in testing microwave circuits. The test probes, which can operate up to 6 GHz, are constructed of high quality semi-rigid coax and SMA female connectors.

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There are two versions of the new test probes, including straight-cut probe ends and pre-stripped probe ends. Sampling measurements can be made without creating a separate subassembly circuit board or add a connector to the circuit layout.

The company provides three diameters of semi-rigid coax and three different lengths from 3-12-inches to fit different trace widths and applications. All test probe cable assemblies are RF tested and meet the 1.35:1 VSWR specification.

The semi-rigid test probes from Fairview are now available for shipping.�