Fairview Microwave Releases Low Noise Coaxial Amplifiers

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ALLEN, Texas � Fairview Microwave has recently released a portfolio of coaxial packaged low-noise RF amplifiers.

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The new amplifiers cover RF frequency bands from 9kHz to 3GHz and can be used for radio, receivers, fiber optic communication systems, SATCOM and a variety of other applications.

Fairview�s amplifiers exhibit noise figure levels as low as 0.5dB and high IP3 linearity up to +37 dBm. The amplifiers� 50 ohm hybrid circuits require no external matching components and are enclosed in metal packages with SMA connectors, making them able to perform in temperature ranges from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius and other harsh weather conditions.

The RF amplifiers also have P1dB levels up to +23, low VSWR; it uses GaAs PHEMT semiconductors for linear performance and high efficiency; and features single DC positive voltage supply ranges from +12 to +15 Vdc, with Bias Current ranging from 40mA to 190mA.

The amplifiers are now in-stock and are available for less than $500.