Field Report: Ultrasone Pro 750

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Field Report: Ultrasone Pro 750

Oct 1, 2008 12:00 PM, By Ned Luberecki

Wearing headphones every day as a radio disc jockey and recording musician, there are a few things I require in a good pair: great sound, comfort, durability and serviceability. The Ultrasone Pro 750 headphones measure up to all my requirements.

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The feature that makes Ultrasone headphones different is the use of its patented S-Logic Technology to create three dimensional, natural surround sound. The concept is that the outer ear is responsible for three dimensional hearing, so instead of the headphone driver being centrally located and aimed directly at the inner ear, the drivers are directed at the outer ear. Allowing the sound to be reflected off the outer ear not only creates a natural three dimensional sound, but also helps to cut down fatigue by reducing the sound pressure level at the eardrum by up to 40 percent or 3 - 4dB, according to Ultrasone. The drivers are titanium and the frequency response is listed as 8Hz - 35kHz. I am very pleased with the sound of these headphones. The bass response is very natural, not overbearing, and the highs are crystal clear without being shrill or tinny sounding. To my ears the S-Logic natural surround sound does what it's supposed to do. They sound as if I am not wearing headphones at all, but instead listening to music live or through good sounding loudspeakers. It's as though I can hear the air around the music. I have also noticed they are much less tiring to wear than other headphones, which brings me to the next point.

Performance at a glanceClosed earpiece
Velour earpads
40mm Titanium-plated mylar driver
Frequency response 8Hz - 35kHz
40 ohm impedance
Up to 94dB SPL

The headphones are very comfortable to wear. The ear pads are soft velvet and there is also a velvet pad that rests the headphones on top of your head. The fit is tight enough to hold the ear pads closed, but not so tight as to squeeze one's head. The manufacturer suggests these headphones should always be worn with the left and right ear capsules over the correct ears and with the frame fully on top of the head to achieve the natural surround sound effect. There is a noticeable change in sound quality if this is not done. And if they are not worn properly, the headphones don't fit very well, so it's not much of a problem. They are relatively light weight at 295g without the detachable cord.

Long-term comfort

After wearing these headphones for several hours at a time in both the radio and recording studio, my ears were much less tired than with other headphones. In the recording studio, I have to be able to hear the sound of the track mixed with the sound of my own instrument or voice louder than the actual sound of the instrument in the room. With some headphones this means turning the volume up so loud that not only do my ears become exhausted, but I lose the ability to hear the pitch correctly. In the recording studio, I could hear everything perfectly clearly, along with my own track and at a very comfortable volume level. Singing was also easier with these phones as the volume wasn't so loud as to affect the pitch. It is worth noting that the Pro 750 headphones are of a closed back design as opposed to the Pro 2500, which are open back. I prefer the closed back to prevent any sound leakage from the phones to the microphone, a must in the radio or recording business.

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Field Report: Ultrasone Pro 750

Oct 1, 2008 12:00 PM, By Ned Luberecki

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As to durability, the Pro 750 headphones come in a hard case for storage and transportation. The ear cups fold flat to fit into the case or fold up into the frame for storage in a carry bag (not included). Included with the headphones are two detachable cables, one coiled and one straight. Both are a little over 10'. The coiled cord helps keep from getting tangled up in tight surroundings and it's nice to be able to switch to the straight one if I'm a little farther from the source without the coiled cable tugging me toward it. The cables attach to the headphones with a screw in ?" gold plated connector and end in a gold plated �" stereo jack. A �" to mini plug gold plated adapter is included. Also included in the hard case is a spare pair of �speed switch� ear pads. The ear pads are easily replaced by locking tabs on the ear pads into a track on the headphones and giving a slight twist. One of the few faults I found with these phones is that the ear pads can come loose during normal use such as removing them from the case. They are very easy to re-attach, but the locking connection could be made stronger in my opinion. I have also noticed diminished sound quality if the ear pads are not connected properly.

Ultrasone P
E 951-678-9091 Fortunately, I have not yet had any issues with serviceability. However, the manufacturer's website shows a variety of accessories and replacement parts, but they are not available for purchase from the site and instead instruct you to �Contact the distributor in your country for purchase.� I have not contacted the distributor in my region to find out about service or replacement parts, but the contact information was readily available on the website along with a map showing the locations, addresses and contact information for dealers around the world.

Overall, I am pleased with the sound, comfort and so far, the reliability of these headphones and would recommend them to anyone who uses headphones on a daily basis.

Luberecki is the morning host of the Sirius Satellite Radio Bluegrass channel, Nashville.

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