FM Commander Gets New Features

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FM Commander Gets New Features

Dec 7, 2007 8:43 AM

Build 18 of V-Soft's FM Commander features a new way of looking at contour overlap. Previous versions could only tell the amount of contour overlap on the straight line between the stations or that off azimuth overlap. Now with the "detail contours by greatest overlap" feature you can get a reading of the greatest overlap or the least amount of clear space. When the program is in this mode, the in and out columns will show the actual distance in kilometers between the point on the interfering contour that overlaps the protected contour the most. The program tells the user which mode is in use in the center text box on the screen header. The program no longer automatically checks for overlaps when you change power, ERP, HAAT, COR or make a change to the channel using the channel menu. However, this automatic checking feature will return if you select either "check all azimuths" or "detail contours" from the views menu shown below. All contour-to-contour printouts now reflect which mode you are using.

Also, several builds ago, V-Soft changed the way the program displays commercial stations when the program is in the interference mode. Now, if the reference station meets the FCC's minimum separations, the available contour clearance or overlap, shown in the in and out columns, it will not be displayed since the controlling factor is the fact the relationship meets the FCC's minimum spacings. Instead the FCC's required separation and the margin available will be shown.