Foneshow Offers Text-based Service for Radio Staff

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Foneshow Offers Text-based Service for Radio Staff

Apr 22, 2008 10:25 AM

Portland, ME - Apr 21, 2008 - In the company''s first official public showing, Foneshow announced Breaking News at the 2008 NAB Show. Breaking News offers a free, advertising-based solution to news organizations seeking a more efficient platform to distribute information to their audience. By leveraging the cellular telephone network, Foneshow Breaking News enables reporters to file stories on-site as news breaks and allows producers to distribute information to virtually any wireless phone in the world using Foneshow''s patent pending technology.

Every step of the news distribution process is made easier with the Foneshow Breaking News. Wherever or whenever there is a breaking news event, a reporter, producer, Web staff or other personnel can file a report from their cell phone by simply dialing a number provided by Foneshow. As a story is filed it is instantly sent to a producer or editor, who merely has to add a headline and any necessary text to publish the Foneshow. Audience members sign up to receive news alerts on a content provider''s website, and as soon as news breaks they receive a text message with an embedded phone number to call and listen to the audio report of the news.

Foneshow has the capability to incorporate audio brands and any pre-roll audio sponsorships into each Foneshow Breaking News segment, thus presenting an additional source of revenue. It works with any cell phone and Foneshow supplies the software, set-up and training at no additional charge, allowing a smooth transition to moving into the mobile space.

Foneshow is a venture capital funded technology company based in Portland, ME, that has built a telephony-based distribution platform for short-form audio (primarily news/talk radio and podcast programming). The platform leverages the cellular telephone network and enables users to subscribe to, access, publish, share and consume short-form audio programming immediately from any cell phone. The system features the very rapid propagation of programming from the creator to the consumer.