Fostex Releases New RP-Series Headphones

Three new versions of RP mk3 series are available
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NEWBURY PARK, Calif.�Inspired by Fostex�s RP and T-Series model of headphones, the company has announced that the latest edition of the RP mk3 series of headphones have been released. Three new versions have been released, each with a specified sound characteristic.

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The T20RP mk3 (shown�at right) is an open construction for deep bass response. The T40RP mk3 is a closed-packed design for focused bass response. Lastly, the T50RP mk3 is a semi-open design for flat and clear response.

The new headphones were developed with a re-designed housing to extract the maximum performance from the RP driver. New ear pads allow for improved isolation and lower repulsion. Both the pads and headband have been redesigned, as well. In addition, two detachable cables are included with each pair of headphones; one for studio use, the other for mobile devices.

Fostex is a developer of OEM speaker and transducer products headquartered in Tokyo.


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