GatesAir Boosts IP Transport Capacity of HD Link System

Intraplex HD Link integrates with IP Link codecs to expand channel counts
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CINCINNATI�In an effort to increase IP data capacity to support higher channel counts and increase audio fidelity, GatesAir has boosted the IP transport capabilities of its Intraplex HD Link STL System. The strengthened backup connectivity also enhances IP transport reliability.

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The new update of the Intraplex HD Link, which was first introduced in 2009, leverages the advanced signal encoding of Intraplex IP Link to boost the systems� ability to transport STL IP traffic, as well as adding built-in Intraplex Synchrocast simulcasting technology for GPS-locked digital timing. All traffic is prioritized over the HD Link connection, with the IP Link supplying back-up delivery over the same 950 MHz STL link.

The HD Link�s initial IP data capacity can be expanded from a max of 1536 Kb/s to 2400, 2800, or 3200 Kb/s depending on the broadcaster�s channel count and audio fidelity needs as well as RF Link condition. With all of these updates, broadcasters can now deliver up to 13 stereo channels across a 3 MB/s STL link using 192 Kb/s AAC compression and escalate audio channel carriage with advanced codecs like AAC-HE, AAC-HEv2 or Opus.

GatesAir also offers the ability to add the Intraplex LiveLook application to monitor health and status of STL links.

The new version of Intraplex HD Link will debut at the 2015 Radio Show, which runs from Sept. 30-Oct. 2 in Atlanta. GatesAir will be located at booth 17.