GatesAir Expands IP Link Portfolio with IP Link 100P

System designed for intelligent networking across all contribution and distribution scenarios
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CINCINNATI� When GatesAir arrives in Amsterdam for IBC 2015, it will arrive with its new Intraplex IP Link 100P system.

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A new single-channel, full-duplex model for intelligent networking across all contribution and distribution scenarios, the IP Link 100P adds advanced signal monitoring capabilities and enables integration with Intraplex SynchroCast systems for multicasting across transmitter networks.

The IP Link 100P, along with the IP Link 100 and 200 codecs, integrates new software for audio loudness leveling and metering, based on EBU R128 and ITU-R BS 1770-3 standards for legal compliance. The new software provides a standard method to meter and level program audio to control the variability between programming blocks. Other new features are present to enhance the robustness of the IP transport, including dynamic adjustment of the audio stream�s receive buffer and support for additional backup audio sources with SHOUTCast/Icecast streams.

There is also a new off-board software, the IP Link Scheduler, that automated scheduled commands for audio streams and will be introduced for all IP Link Codecs. The IP Link Scheduler�s primary function is to provide time-of-day switching of program stream playout, and adjusts the quality and protection of audio streams based on commands. IP Link Scheduler�s protection capability can be used with Intraplex LiveLook to alter the protection of audio streams during certain times of the day or days of the week.

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