GatesAir HD Radio Transitions Transmitter Owners to Flexiva

Offering exciter upgrade to Platinum Z and ZX transmitter users
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CINCINNATI�GatesAir is offering Platinum Z and ZX transmitter owners an upgrade to the Flexiva exciter. The Flexiva Power-Up Program increases power levels of elevated HD Radio sidebands and provides competitive analog audio improvements.

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By switching to the Flexiva FAX-50 FM exciter from the Platinum Z and ZX transmitters, users are able to raise HD Radio power by 237 percent. GatesAir�s hybrid crest factor reduction methods to increase output power broaden market penetration for HD Radio broadcasters. In addition, the Flexiva FAX enables hybrid FM/HD broadcasters to increase transmitter analog power by up to 33 percent.

Upgrades to the current-generation Flexiva importer and exporter units ensure multichannel and audio quality benefits of a complete Gen4 Engine architecture. The importer, exporter and exciter units also eliminate spinning disks for 100 percent solid-state operation.

The Flexiva Power-Up package includes the FAX-50 FM/HD radio exciter, an installation kit with cables and mounting hardware, and a video installation guide.